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With over a decade of experience as an operations professional, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to support a team. Meticulous organization, the empowerment of others, adaptability, and transparency are among the many aspects of effective management.

I’m passionate about the success of my team and creating an inviting culture. Everything and everyone responds to our thoughts and our energy; we attract what we put out there. I want you to feel seen, welcomed, and heard. My team is a place where we celebrate you for who you are and the unique strengths you bring to the table. A place where you feel empowered to stay true to yourself and never feel like you have to dim your light to make someone else more comfortable. 

I believe life comes from us, not at us. By spreading kindness and genuine care for each other’s well-being, we are able to come together and achieve the extraordinary. Positions and titles will fade, but the way we treat others will always be remembered.

One of my greatest strengths is organization. I’ve always been able to zoom out and see the whole picture, with all the little steps in between. Everything from setting schedules and agendas to overseeing transactions and monitoring workflows comes naturally to me. It just makes sense. 

To call me detail oriented is an understatement. I live for details and I love putting them together so I can bring a plan to life. The way I see it, details are the foundation upon which all ideas are built, and without a foundation, an idea will remain just that—an intangible concept gathering dust on the whiteboard. 

When it comes to flying kites, often overlooked, the difference between a successful flight and a tangled mess comes down to who's at the base holding onto and guiding the kite. I’m the boots on the ground for my team, ensuring things are tethered and on track because I’m committed to the time, patience, and positivity it requires to ensure our next successful flight. Even if we have a few rough launches, I’m driven by the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing my team lift off into the sky.

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